Do you play any ICEtruments? Ice Music is for you!

Ice Music Festival Drooble article

Have you ever wondered what’s going on during the Swedish winters in the Arctic? Cold and darkness is what’s going on. How do the Swedes adapt so they can make it until Spring? Well, basically, they take the snow and turn it into ice, then they take the ice and build igloos, inside the igloos there’s a stage and on that stage… more ice in the form of musical instruments, in the hands of lovely musicians! That’s how you get by – you find ways to entertain yourself and your countrymen, and hopefully attract tourists. It seems to be working!
Tim Linhart Musician Ice Music Festival
The Ice Music festival takes place in Luleå, a picturesque town in northern Sweden where temperatures from January to March get to around -13°C on average. Not too bad! If you’re a northern pike, that is. Musicians do have warm hearts, evidently, especially in Sweden.

Every year, given the opportunity (if the weather’s right), locals build the world’s most beautiful and cold concert venue and maintain it for two and a half months. Two big igloos and a stage are constructed solely from ice, and the colorful lighting transforms the whole place into something magical! The lighting itself is anything but random, as it matches the Northern Lights which stay above in the sky throughout the whole experience! Events are held at the end of each week and this years’ program includes rock and other classical pieces:

Musicians are eager to play in these harsh conditions for a good reason – the unique ‘ICEtruments’, which include guitars, violins, cellos, basses, percussions, banjos, mandolins etc., are meticulously and gorgeously shaped from ice! How cool is that, literally? :) 14 feb Karin Åberg Ice Music Festival

Needless to say, if you’re planning on visiting the event, you should dress well – three layers of clothing are advised by the organizers. I think four layers would be more appropriate as you’re basically entering a fridge – the inside temperature is at constant -5°C. Tibetan monks confirm that you need to stay in a cold environment to clear your mind and appreciate new influences, so it’s no wonder the festival is so popular and successful.
Ice Music Festival Icy Instruments

This is all thanks to the efforts of Tim Linhart, an ice artist with 30 years of experience and founder of the Ice Music Festival. Good job Tim and team! :)

Why not book your trip and support good music and good ideas!? :)


  1. Juan

    One of the most beautiful ideas I’ve seen! Here in Mexico we can only dream of such a venue… 😀

  2. Nadya Panevska

    I would love to get my hands on one of those violins! They sound so good! Good job indeed, Tim Linhart

  3. harvester

    This is cold music :) … pun intended

  4. Robert

    Hey, that is awesome! That is a Festival I’d love to visit.

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