Depart on a Bounty Hunt Voyage for Drooble Karma


Since we recently launched our new tool – Song Reviews – Drooble karma points have become more desired than ever. As we are dedicated to provide better opportunities for musicians we have now prepared a new program that can easily help you earn Karma and spend it on useful tools.

We will create an exclusive weekly pool of 10 000 karma points which will be granted to the artists who claim them after performing any of the following actions:

  • Add a link to your Drooble profile on your other social media accounts. You will receive 50 points for each link.
  • Sharе content about/from Drooble on other social media channels – fb, soundcloud, instagram, twitter, reddit, quora, online forums, etc. Content might be a song, video, discussion, Drooble tool, your profile, etc. You will receive 50 points for each share.
  • Comment on posts on other social media channels and encourage artists to join Drooble. You will receive 100 points for each comment.
  • Recommend Song Reviews by sharing this link in comments and posts on other social media channels. Earn 150 points for each comment/post.

Send us publicly available links with your activity to claim your karma points. You can send up to 5 links per week per platform. Also keep in mind that fake accounts, bots, and spamming will not be tolerated.

Claim Your Karma Here!

Enjoy your time as a bounty hunter!

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