3 Things You Need to Focus on to Build a Successful Music Career

There are so many musicians trying to make it today in the music business, more than ever before. In fact, the market is so crowded with so much music being released every day that most music and talent goes undiscovered. That is the simple truth. So what’s the secret to developing a music career – one that’s fulfilling, profitable, and sustainable in the long-run?

When you look out at the musicians and bands that are having success breaking into the market and finding their audience three factors seem to set them apart (aside from having great songs). One – is truly understanding the music business and how it works so that you can best take advantage of opportunities and build a meaningful career. The second factor is carefully developing a plan of attack to position yourself to go to market and establish your audience instead of just winging it. And the third factor is just plain hard work on executing that plan and working all the angles to break through.


To help you on your journey, we decided to partner with the New Artist Model online school to give you the training and planning tools you need to make a name for yourself in the industry. We think the skills New Artist Model teaches are absolutely essential for every musician to know and they have helped thousands of musicians from around the world find success. After all,the better you understand the industry and have a clear plan for your career, the further you’ll be able to go.

Here is a short list of a few of the New Artist Model online courses we think you should check out:

Understand the Industry and Create a Unique Plan

The two biggest issues that hold so many musicians, songwriters, and producers back from reaching their potential is not having a solid plan and not fully understanding the industry in which they’re trying to make a name for themselves. Historically most artists relied on managers and record labels to do this for them, but in today’s music industry you need to set the foundations for your own career and set it in motion.

That said, creating a vision for your career and an action plan to achieve your goals doesn’t need to be difficult. In fact, New Artist Model has a training program called the Music Business Accelerator that teaches the essential music business skills and techniques you need to book gigs, promote your music, grow a fanbase, make more money, and make a big impact with your music. But above all, by enrolling in this training, you’ll learn how to think like a musical entrepreneur, take your career into your own hands, and create a plan for yourself with their customizable career development templates and checklists.

Because you are a member of the Drooble community, we arranged to get you a special 20% discount to sign up for the Music Business Accelerator. You can get your coupon and check out the course right here.


Turn Your Songs into Income

It has become increasingly difficult to sell music these days with the takeover of streaming and the death of downloads and album and CD sales. So you want to look at other ways that you can actually sell your music, and that is where music licensing comes in.

In today’s industry, more and more music supervisors and ad agencies are looking for great indie music to license for films, TV, ads, and video games. Not only is licensing an incredibly valuable income stream (you can potentially make more money in one deal than a whole year’s worth of revenue on streaming sites), it’s also a chance to get your music out there in a big way – through popular TV shows and movies.

Despite all that potential, many musicians still avoid diving into music licensing because it seems too difficult. Or because you don’t think you know anybody in the music business. But with the right methods and a strategic approach, anyone can get their music licensed, even if you write in a more obscure genre.

New Artist Model has a course called Get Your Music Licensed which is the most comprehensive and accessible licensing courses we’ve found. It teaches extremely practical licensing advice, like how to prepare your songs and tracks, how to submit to libraries and music supervisors, how to network in the industry, and how to keep yourself writing more and motivated to succeed. But the coolest thing is that this training takes you through a complete licensing method, so you can start submitting your music for licensing placements in just a few weeks. That’s right, in just a few weeks.

If you want to tap into this licensing system and learn how to license your own music, New Artist Model is offering you a 20% discount to enroll in the Get Your Music Licensed course because you are a Drooble member. Click here to get your coupon and learn more about this program.


Mix and Master Your Own Recordings

With all the technology we have available today to produce music, the quality of your recordings is more important than ever. With easy access to DAWs, recording software and equipment, “demo quality” recordings just aren’t going to get anyone to pay attention to you – it’s either radio ready or nothing. That said, you don’t need to go into a multi-million dollar studio or shell out tens of thousands of dollars on expensive recording equipment. It’s 100% possible to achieve radio-quality recordings at home with basic gear and stock plugins if you have a well developed ear and a strong grasp on music production and engineering.

That’s why New Artist Model developed the Lucrative Home Studio online training program. This course is one of the only music production training programs that teaches you how to develop your ear as a priority in mixing and mastering. Not only will you learn the essential mixing and mastering techniques like compression, EQ, intonation, and reverb, etc, you’ll also learn how to create those high-level studio sounds on inexpensive gear at home. And with those skills you can record, mix and master your own music at home, or even take on top-level studio clients.

Because the quality of your music is so important, we managed to get you a 25% discount to join the Lucrative Home Studio course. Click here to get your coupon and check out all that this amazing music production training has to offer.


We at Drooble realize there is so much more to building a successful career in music than just a writing a good song, and we hope this online training and courses from our new partner New Artist Model will help you up your game and reach the potential we know you’re capable of!

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