Ralph Tomaselli debuts the video to his single “Obstacles”
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Ralph Tomaselli debuts the video to his single “Obstacles”

We discovered US multi-instrumentalist Ralph Tomaselli in July when he just released his third full-length album “There’s Only So Much You Can Do”. Equally talented as a bass player, singer, composer and keyboardist his music is a warm and organic mixture of indie-influenced singer-songwriter music with strong cinematic and pop influences sprinkled all over. Presented through a textural and picturesque lyric video made on Drooble, the first video single “Obstacles” perfectly summarizes Tomaselli’s very unique and sincere approach to writing…

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5 Ways to Warm Up Your Voice Before Singing

Would you attempt to run a 5k without stretching first? For most people, the answer to that question is easy: of course not! Running is a physical exercise that requires loosening of the muscles in order to prevent injury. In the same way, singing requires a little bit of work on the front end, before jumping right into that challenging song or solo. For singers, your body is your instrument, and you should treat it as such by properly taking…


YouTube Featured Video – This is My Music Video

The summer, at least where we are, is over and the autumn is slowly but surely taking its place. Since it’s October it’s time to let you know who won our video contest for September, right? We are very happy with the amount and the quality of the videos we got from you this month! Once again they were all really good but we needed to choose the best one and so we did – Kai Mata – Time to…


YouTube Featured Video – My Favorite Song to Play Live

September is here, so our video contest for August is done. It was another really cool month because we received a lot of awesome videos of you playing songs that make you happy! Once again they were all great but the winner we’ve chosen is only one and that is the video for “Dreaming of Lemurs” by Zoltan and the Fortune Tellers. It’s so funny there is no way it won’t make you laugh and feel good! As with every…


YouTube Featured Video – A Song That Makes Me Feel Great

It’s already August and with that, we’re happy to announce the winners of our YouTube Featured Video contest for July. Last month we asked you to show us your favorite musical instrument that you own. We got some pretty awesome videos but 2 of them really stand out – Nikesh Shredder with his mind-blowing Harp Guitar and Phillip Hemmo with custom-build Brian Dunn acoustic guitar! Here are the two winning videos, enjoy: And here’s the new theme we would like…