EXRCM: Inspired By The City
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EXRCM: Inspired By The City

EXRCMband05 (1)

Hey Drooblers. EXRCM is a group of friends that plays music and makes videos. They were all born and raised in the green valleys of northern Italy, where, mainly thanks to the tight bond among them, that always pushed them to go on despite the failures, they developed a strong inclination towards the autonomous fulfillment of their goals and dreams. Looking for bigger challenges to face, they decided to move all together in a small house in the “big and…

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Jason and Gail won the Drooble Tune challenge the right way

Drooble Tune Jason Gail 2

Hey there, music lovers! Today is a special day because we’re going to introduce to you two amazing people, whose passion for music and collaborative spirit help Drooble become the place it’s meant to be. Jason Flinter and Gail Ford won the Drooble Tune competition with a magnificent piece of music which celebrates togetherness, spontaneity and bravery. Their song came out reeeeally good and you can definitely see how much fun they were having, check it out:   We though it would be interesting and inspiring for…

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The Mass Magic of Music Flash Mobs


Do you know what is popular these days? Cat videos. But also flash mobs. Let’s focus on the latter for the purposes of this article. Hopefully, we can get back to the cat videos sometime soon. So, what is this flash mob thing? I suspect you all have at least a general idea, but just in case let me clarify. Flash mobs are a gathering of a group of people to perform together a seemingly random act in a public…

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Songs that sound suspiciously alike

Beatles Abbey Road

Have you ever been haunted by the feeling you’ve heard a song somewhere before when there’s absolute certainty you couldn’t have? We’ve all shouted with exclamation “Gosh, these sound exactly the same!”. Unless you’ve spend your life in an igloo, you’re probably already aware that this is, in fact, a thing in the music industry. But accidents do happen and there are only so many ways to combine tones and make them sound like music. Because “rip-off” is a bad…

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Some VERY weird music videos

Weird Videos

There are literally thousands of lists of the so called “THE” weirdest music videos, usually “of all time”. This is not going to be such a list because we don’t believe in “THE”. There is certainly not one single video that would make anyone doubt their sanity. And thanks to our favorite subjectivity anything can be more or less weird than anything else. How weird something is depends on where you yourself are on the weird scale. And that can…