Miasma or the promising start of Tasmania’s Dream Sister

This EP is a brand new one. ‘Miasma’ was released literally the same week we are reviewing it and is the debut recording of Dream Sister, an alternative band hailing from Launceston, Australia. The first time we gave it a spin it felt like two worlds clashing. The production seemed to suit more an electronic band than it fitted the six-piece band with a more regular rock / alternative setup. The more we listened to it, however, the more it made sense with the music these guys and a girl have written.

We’d even go as far as saying if the production wasn’t handled in this, more challenging and unexpected, way we might have shelved the band in the ‘more of what we’ve already heard’ section. Instead, ‘Miasma’ shines on several fronts. First of all, it features nice and tightly written tracks, that vary as a mood and feel. Secondly, the creative production has turned the alt rock formula into something else. Dream Sister’s unique sound owes as much to electronic music as it does to the golden rules of instrumental and rock music. Did we mention singer Melody is doing great job with the vocals on this record? Well, now we did. She’s perfect on both the more aggressive or epic parts and shines bright in the more delicate and quiet passages too.

We hope Dream Sister do make their dreams come true (see what we did here) and we hope more of you will be with them during the process.

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