A song I am proud of – YouTube Featured Video Contest

As we told you earlier this week we are starting a new monthly video contest series called YouTube Featured Video. The idea is really simple, but we think it’s cool – you post a video about a topic or theme we give you each month and at the end of the month we choose the best videos to promote and upload to our YouTube channel. You will also get 300 Karma points if we choose your video. Check the previous post we wrote about it to learn more and get some tips about your video.

We’ve got you excited, right? This month’s theme is “A song I am proud of”. We are starting simple, aren’t we? Show us a song a video for a song you composed or co-composed and you are feeling proud about! Use a backtrack, if you have to, or film your entire band playing it. Or maybe it’s just you and your voice/guitar/drums/piano/saxophone. We don’t know. Show us!

Share the video on the wall of YouTube Featured Video page before 28th of June. You can send only one video per month so give us your best. To participate you also have to subscribe to our channel on YouTube. That’s it – have fun!

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