“You’re The Best” by Clark Ford is a feel-good country rock album that you need in your life

“You’re The Best” is a brand new full-length album by singer-songwriter Clark Ford. Based in Ames, Iowa he’s a seasoned professional in working with a plethora of genres among which pop, country, sacred and Americana. Another fascinating side of his 10+ years-long musical journey is his passion for musicals, many of which you can find on his YouTube channel.

On “You’re The Best”, however, Ford is indulging in what we suppose he loves the most – writing personal and uplifting country rock music, with emotional lyrics straight from the heart. The full-length, currently available across the streaming platforms, comes packed with 15 memorable, catchy and feel-good tunes, whose lyrics deal with very relatable moments and subjects from life and personal relationships.

“You’re The Best” is a down-to-earth album that can make the grayest day feel sunnier and will surely put a smile on your face. This, to be honest, is more than welcome in these stressful times. Tracks like opener “I Don’t Want To Work Today”, “In Your Eyes”, “I’m Not Supermen” and “Call Your Kids” are only a few of many highlights we can pinpoint from this album and they certainly deserve not only your attention but some proper radio time.

Despite the lightweight nature of the music, no compromise has been made with either its musical quality or production. Clark Ford not only knows how to write a beautiful song that will grasp your attention right after the first verse and will keep you hyped for that chorus, but he also knows how a country rock album should sound like. He wrote all the music and lyrics for the songs and then worked with Underground Treehouse Studio in Nashville for arranging and recording.  The songs feature different singers listed on the back album cover.

“You’re The Best” sounds tight and clean, but warm and organic at the same time. Imagine you’ve found yourself in a pub somewhere in Iowa, you’ve finished a few rounds of drinks and are watching one of the finest local bands. Sounds so wonderful, right? Especially after over a year of concert draught. So, do yourself a favor and experience “You’re The Best” – guaranteed it will make you feel better.

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