Richard Groce and Buddy Fulmer redefining Christian rock with a collaborative single

When you think about it, rock and roll music can sound in so many different ways, but one thing is always the same – this is music about breaking the rules and norms, especially its own. Exactly this specific feature of our beloved and larger-than-life genre has managed to keep it relevant for decades and will probably keep pumping fresh blood in its veins for a long, long time.

Such is the case with “I Pray”, a digital single by US drummer and guitarist Richard Groce aka Big Daddy Ricc. He took his favorite type of music, not so long ago labeled as devil music, then he wrote a banging and stomping track and he dedicated it to something dear to his heart – his personal beliefs and religious convictions. On this journey, he brought in friend and collaborator Buddy Fulmer, another US lyric writer, who co-wrote the piece and handled the lead vocal duties. Brian Reynolds collaborated the lead guitar.

The result is definitely not your typical slow drifting Christian rock ballad but a more straight-forward rock and roll banger. It’s made by people who’ve spent their lifetimes listening to, exploring and, of course, writing and playing that music. Yes, there’s more to be desired on the production front of the track, as it’s slightly rough around the edges but this is rock and roll so we can put up with some rawness. Especially in times when the world is put to a halt thanks to this global pandemic, when shared studio sessions are tough and often impossible to arrange, we should be more than thankful that musicians are still finding ways to create together.

Buddy and Richard worked together in PluBella Studio and Brian his lead guitar in his Foggy Mountain Studio. We are happy to see that musicians are still finding ways to remain creative and express themselves while being forced to live their lives in isolation. So, kudos to Buddy and Ricc. We hope they keep it up and inspire others to collaborate and write some honest and sincere rock and roll.

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