Epic and mysterious, Master Dy shine bright on their single Never Die

Master Dy is an amazing new heavy metal band hailing out of Brasil. Its members are enshrouded in mystery allowing the creation not only of exciting and modern heavy music but the gradual unfolding of their own artistic narrative and band folklore.

Following the great example of contemporary rock powerhouses like Ghost, Master Dy have chosen to remain anonymous and have let only the music speak for itself. And boy, it does speak the loud and powerful language of heavy metal.

Today we’re listening to “Never Die”, a brand new single that’s already gaining waves not only among the heavy metal fans on Drooble but across the already growing Master Dy following.

“Never Die” perfectly sums everything that Master Dy are going for – epic sound production, allowing the great music and arrangements to shine, charismatic vocals by their front woman, and at the same time straightforward, punchy, and catchy heavy metal music that quickly gets under your skin and hooks you up. Another aspect of Master Dy’s work that’s worth mentioning is their amazing visual identity.

It’s a tough job to make people excited about your work while remaining anonymous, but the great illustrations and graphic design make the band’s story and mission really believable and engaging. We’ll be definitely keeping our eyes peeled for future offerings from this project and we strongly advise you to do the same!

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