The raw and anxiety-inducing electro power of Lunatik (Remix) by Antarzis

Behind the alias Antarzis we find a French-born but currently Tokyo-based dance music producer. Active under this name since 2017 but writing music for over a decade now, he’s been steadily growing a catalog of genre-crossing electronic music with elements of psytrance, progressive and future house, EDM and electro. Antarzis’ most recent digital-only release Follow Mix is a nine-track collection of new music and remix versions of previously published tracks.

While it’s a tough job to pinpoint an absolute highlight among such a diverse and constantly-morphing tracklist we have to say Lunatik (Remix) is among our personal favorites and thus it’s the topic of this brief review. Based on Antarzis’ 2019 single, this rework feels even more intense and punishing.

The straight-up four-to-the-floor beat only calms down for the track’s several powerful and anxiety-inducing build-ups. Lunatik (Remix) holds up to its title and the track is not a walk in the park. It’s aggressive and raw, the synth tone is crispy clean but the melodies are menacing and there’s definitely something evil lurking between the notes and especially in those chopped vocals. The basslines are minimal and punchy – exactly how they should be.

Spanning over 7 minutes the track grabs you by the throat and sends you in its twisted imaginary dancefloor and you’re not allowed to leave it until the track ends. Actually, you’re not allowed to leave Antarzis’ music realms until you give Follow Mix is a thorough listen.

Keep an eye for future Antarzis records, he’s promised us a ton more in the not-so-distant future.

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