Tim Gainer is back at it with the heart-melting You’re Not Supposed To Hear This
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Tim Gainer is back at it with the heart-melting You’re Not Supposed To Hear This

We’ve kept an eye on Tim Gainer ever since his 2019 full-length Honor Among Thieves was released (find our review here). It was, and still is, a rock’n’roll roller coaster of an album that left us wanting more from the place where it came from. Gainer, a show business OG with over 40 years of experience in the game didn’t wait for too long, and despite we were pretty sure the best from him is yet to come his brand…

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John Consalvo’s Open The Sea is a must-listen for all alt-country heads

Today we’re listening to Open The Sea, the first single off John Consalvo’s upcoming full-length album and first release since 2005’s Choose this Day. Based in Issaquah, United States, Consalvo is a singer-songwriter whose approach to country rock music has managed to soak influences from a plethora of genres among which alternative rock, dark country and maybe even a touch of grunge. Open The Sea starts with a lengthy intro that gradually reveals all elements that make John Consalvo’s music…

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“You’re The Best” by Clark Ford is a feel-good country rock album that you need in your life

“You’re The Best” is a brand new full-length album by singer-songwriter Clark Ford. Based in Ames, Iowa he’s a seasoned professional in working with a plethora of genres among which pop, country, sacred and Americana. Another fascinating side of his 10+ years-long musical journey is his passion for musicals, many of which you can find on his YouTube channel. On “You’re The Best”, however, Ford is indulging in what we suppose he loves the most – writing personal and uplifting…

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Epic and mysterious, Master Dy shine bright on their single Never Die

Master Dy is an amazing new heavy metal band hailing out of Brasil. Its members are enshrouded in mystery allowing the creation not only of exciting and modern heavy music but the gradual unfolding of their own artistic narrative and band folklore. Following the great example of contemporary rock powerhouses like Ghost, Master Dy have chosen to remain anonymous and have let only the music speak for itself. And boy, it does speak the loud and powerful language of heavy…

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Every day is “PayDay” for Kevlar Kevin

Here’s the deal, to drop a hip-hop hit you need only three things – solid lyrics, a banging beat, and an MC with a tight and engaging flow. Sounds pretty simple and straightforward, doesn’t it? And yet so many people go for it only to see their efforts failing in obscurity. Because, of course, it’s not actually that simple. All these three elements have to be sprinkled with sincerity, fueled by honesty and powered by the determination that you are…