Changing The World With Creativity And Music: A Talk With Thorsten Huber
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Changing The World With Creativity And Music: A Talk With Thorsten Huber

Thorsten Huber

Hey Drooblers! It’s time for another Karma interview with a very active member of the global Drooble community! Thorsten Huber is a musician and songwriter from Germany. He prides himself in working with lightning speed and he describes his creative process accordingly: “think, play, listen and fire.” He enjoys playing in front of a live audience whenever he can and his loving family supports him in his musical endeavors. We’ll let you enjoy his thoughts but make sure you pay special…


How to grow Drooble and make it more useful for you


Wondering how to make Drooble work better for you? The more people join Drooble, the more useful it’s going to be for everybody. And you can help a ton with making Drooble grow. There’s so much you can do and it won’t cost a thing, some of your time aside. Check out our guide for ideas on how to spread the word about our musical community! 1. Organize and host Drooble Ofline meet-ups and jams in your city Make Drooble…



Grow Your Local Drooble Community with Drooble Offline Meet-ups Welcome to Drooble Offline page! By clicking here, you can apply for Offline Ambassador for your city, download and print promo materials and get advice on hosting a Droobe Offline Meet-up in your area. If you are wondering whether Drooble Offline is running in your country, just check this map: What is Drooble Offline? At Drooble, we want to do everything to help musicians connect. We are all up for online…


Why do musicians break their guitars on stage?


When you think of rock’n’roll, especially if you’re not very familiar with the subject (but that’s another problem), you often imagine a person smashing their guitar mercilessly into the stage. The Who, of course, come to mind, along with Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and many other brave and rich souls who could afford to destroy thousand-dollar instruments just to make a point. What you may not know, however, is that guitars were introduced to the world of instrument-annihilating madmen at…

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On learning, playing and teaching music – Philip Ockelford, Guitarist and Teacher

Guitarist and teacher Philip Ockelford

Philip Ockelford is a guitarist from the UK and he recently signed up as a Teacher on Drooble. We appreciate his efforts to bring knowledge to the community with his videos so we wanted to know more about him and his music!   We live in strange times to be a musician. I think our value has never been lower, and yet the demand for music has never been higher. Consequently, relying on simply being, for example, a guitarist, isn’t…