How to grow Drooble and make it more useful for you

Wondering how to make Drooble work better for you? The more people join Drooble, the more useful it’s going to be for everybody. And you can help a ton with making Drooble grow. There’s so much you can do and it won’t cost a thing, some of your time aside. Check out our guide for ideas on how to spread the word about our musical community!

1. Organize and host Drooble Ofline meet-ups and jams in your city

Make Drooble Offline meet-ups and jams happen! Meetups are a fantastic way to meet new people, exchange favors and ideas, and grow a network of contacts. Be sure to get a good mix of fellow members and people who have not joined Drooble yet.

Drooble will stimulate your efforts by sponsoring and giving Karma points to everyone that showed up. Refer to your Drooble Offline ambassador for more information or become one here!

2. Spread the word in your local music scene

Tell musicians you know and play with about Drooble. Get the word out and they will come! You will want to highlight the fact that Drooble is a place that unites musicians and helps them exchange experience for feedback and promotion.


3. Be proactive online

Think of your preferred instruments, genres, influences, hobbies and join like-minded forums and Facebook community groups. There are online groups for just about any topic you can imagine! Once you’re in, create a post within that group with your introduction, Drooble profile(s) and your referral link.

Be as natural and personal as possible so that people know this is an actual invite and not a spam message. Feel free to post your referral links from Invite Friends in relevant places like Facebook groups and forums. This way, you can get more people to join!

4. Distribute Drooble stickers and flyers

Let’s not forget about good old-fashioned advertising! We have downloadable Drooble logos stickers, and flyers. Bring them with you and give them to musicians and fans you know; drop them in bars, clubs, rehearsal rooms, and other places you deem fit; Tattoo the Drooble logo on your forehead if you feel like it (not that we condone that…)! It’s all up to you.


5. Invite your friends individually

A direct invite is so much more powerful and personal than sharing referral links! So go ahead and invite your friends personally, or by other means. Let them know about our mission and your belief that they will benefit from being on Drooble.

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