This is Where I Make Music – YouTube Featured Video

November is here and the autumn is at its midst (at least where the Drooble HQ are), so we guess it’s time to let you know who won last month’s YouTube Featured Video Contest, right? We asked you to show us an official music video for a song of yours and as any other time we got some awesome submissions, but the 3 winners we chose are: Agnes Milewski with “Soma”, Kafetti with “Up in Here”, and Funkturm with “ONIL”! Enjoy these awesome songs and their videos:

For the November contest, we’ve decided to try something a little bit different. We want you to make a video where you show us your personal music space – it might be your rehearsal room, home studio, garage, or bedroom… it doesn’t matter, as long as you are using that space for making your music! Make a video about it, talk about it if you want, play us a song or an improvisation… It’s your choice!

Submit your video on our dedicated YouTube Featured Video page on Drooble until the end of the month and like any time the best ones will be featured on our YouTube channel and the winners will get 300 Karma points to promote their music!

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