The deadly and sinful sound of Dystopia of Truth

The subject of the seven deadly sins has always been an inspiration for artists – be that music, film, literature or theatre. We all have our favorite renditions and interpretations of the matter and Portuguese solo act Dystopia of Truth have added another interesting take on it. As you can guess, a record, carrying the title Deadly Sins would consist of exactly seven tracks, each named after one sin. We were glad to discover Dystopia of Truth is a project actually related to the awesome Filhos do desespero which we recently also reviewed here.

The music on Deadly Sins gravitates around the guitar-driven electro industrial aesthetics. Sometimes however, the tracks reaches out to other genres to experiment with dramatic guitar melodies and solos (Gluttony), piano melancholy intertwined with dance beats (Sloth) and straight-forward industrial rock with a very cinematic vibe (Vanity).

Sound and production-wise Deadly Sins carries the vibe of a home-produced record. It’s nicely and skillfully written but could have been engineered a bit better. However, this slightly lo-fi and raw sound contributes to the idea of the personal struggle against the world of sin and it’s a matter of interpretation. To be honest, we’ll always prefer an honest record to an over-produced but soulless one.

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  1. i am from the age of punk Rock I’m talking real Punk Rock, not Greenday,blink 182, offspring, I’m talking real Punk Rock Black Flag, GG Allin, Bad Brains The Exploited Sex Pistols real punk rock and i can say with 100 % certainty that i prefer the raw gritty produced versions of that music any day that’s how punk rock was meant to be but there are also genres of music that benefit from having the real mix and master so to me its all about genre and attitude of the music

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