Top 5 YouTube Channels For Acoustic Music

Acoustic music is on the rise again. More and more people are looking to experience the sound in its purest form. Here at Drooble we love acoustic music and sharing our knowledge and passion for it, so we thought we’d compile a list with our top 5 YouTube channels with amazing acoustic performances by famous and aspiring musicians. Take a look and have a listen:

5) Word Sessions

The team at the London-based company “Word Social” started the music series to showcase some of the finest local artists. The people behind “Word Sessions” have great plans for working with international musicians and bands as well.

4) Cardinal Sessions

‘Immediate and emotional’ footage, this is how the people behind the Cardinal Sessions describe the series. Straight from Cologne, Germany, the Cardinal Sessions’ team shares their love for acoustic music, featuring talents from all over the world. The perk: the artists choose the venues for their performances themselves.

3) Songs From The Shed

The acclaimed “Songs From The Shed” series offer an unusual environment for musicians, where famous and emerging talents perform in a former army billet. We love it!

2) Berlin Sessions

Berlin is one of the most creative cities worldwide. It is, therefore, no surprise to us that only the best music talent gets to perform on “The Berlin Sessions:”

1) Sofar Sounds

“Sofar Sounds” is a series of intimate and secret music gigs. Since its start in 2009, under the name “Sounds from a Room”, “Sofar Sounds” has expanded into a global movement with events in over 170 cities worldwide. It’s simply amazing to see the love for acoustic music spreading to the remotest corners of the earth:

Do you have your own favourite YouTube channels for acoustic music? We’d love to hear about them!

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