Music straight from the heart – Munda by Osmunda Music

“Munda” is the latest offering of Rebecca Trujillo Vest under the name Osmunda Music. It’s a beautiful 11-track full-length carrying some of the neatly written, performed and produced folk-inspired rock music we’ve listened. Only a minute in the realms of the album and you’ll sense it’s also a very spiritual piece of art. From the calming, spatial and mellow instrumentals, the warm and captivating vocal lines plus the strongly new age-inspired lyrics, it’s a very intimate album that deals with subjects that can actually be projected on a way bigger scale than the self.

Self-described not only as a singer, multi-instrumentalist and music producer but as a force of nature, earth mother and warrior goddess, Rebecca started her music journey as a guitarist when she was a young girl living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. For her playing music has never been a chore, she describes her early musical journeys as nurturing experiences similar to a mother’s love. Having traveled all around the world and being a part of projects like the Space Babies band (with her husband) and Venice Beach’s Earthstar Creation Center recording studio she’s gathered a lot of influences that are a strong pre-requisite for intriguing solo music work.

What really impressed us in “Munda” is how accessible yet complex and multi-layered of an album it is. With music that draws so strongly from a personal philosophy, vast spiritual subjects and concepts it’s always tricky to remain open to the listener without imposing them a certain view. Osmunda Music has managed to gracefully welcome you in her world where nature, love, sincerity and beauty reign over the faults of our kind. You are equally welcome to share her ideas, to sink in the mesmerizing lyrical worlds of album highlights like the beautiful and trippy “Shine On Me”, the transcendent “The Great Spirit Prayer”, the country-influenced “Floating on a Wave” or the captivating vocal-driven “Freedom”. You are also welcome to just enjoy the music without being because it’s perfectly crafted, performed and captured. The lyrics are visual enough to offer multiple interpretations and we believe in “Munda” everybody can feel at home and discover something they need to experience for themselves.

In a world that feels like it’s going down, we definitely need the outlook of artists of people like Rebecca Trujillo Vest because the positivism she spreads is sincere, honest and motivational.

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