Abandon Earth with Seven Below Zero

Seven Below Zero is an electronic solo project by UK-born musician and composer Jason Roberts. A person with a peculiar life story, around his twenties he relocated to France where he’s based to this very day. An ex-military who got interested in poetry in arts it wasn’t long before he discovered music-writing as an outlet for self-expression. With a huge online following, radio streams all around the globe we’re now taking a closer listen at “Burn Out Planetaire”, a 12-track self-produced album by Seven Below Zero.

While we were listening to the record and taking notes we found ourselves really trying to pinpoint it into a certain genre and then we said to ourselves – why the hell do we want so bad to divide and shelve music into categories? Why not just listen to the whole unbiased by label tags? And that’s what we did.

“Burn Out Planetaire” is a diverse collection of music that spans over exactly one hour and one minute. On first listen the tracks carry a strong cosmic and sci-fi vibe, but maybe that’s because we’re so used to hearing synth-heavy electronic music accompanying products conveying these concepts. The music on the album moves from very moody, atmospheric, minimally percussive or beatless electronic soundscapes (Eerie Metal, Eustatich) to very melody-driven downtempo pieces (Tears For A Broken Plant, Quinta, Exit Planet Earth, Transitions, End) to rhythm-rich electronic bangers like Mass Extinction, Orb, Tear It Down and Rebirth.

Just like Seven Below Zero remain always creative when it comes down to handling rhythm and song structures, Roberts also showcases a great ear for melody, harmony, layering of sounds and instruments that make each track an accomplished and exciting journey. When this all is put together and offered as the extensive music trip it is it does really make you forget about genres and labels but allows you to sink deep in the otherworldly experience that “Burn Out Planetaire” really is. Did we mention it’s also perfectly produced – punchy but still warm and humane? Well, now we did. Hit that play button, repeatedly.

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