Healing Music – One In Four by Rob Tunbridge

This might be the most important record we’ve ever reviewed on Drooble and we are so proud and glad to have artists like Rob Tunbridge to be a part of our community. ‘One In Four’ is a very powerful and personal record who has the important mission to spread mental health awareness which is a huge topic in the world, especially among artist and musicians whose work often reflects on personal struggles.

As stated in the album press notes ‘one in four people in the UK suffer from a mental health issue (worldwide it is estimated to be one in five)’ and this album is Rob Tunbridge’s attempt to help him come to terms with his own battles against mental illness and hopefully encourage others to discuss issues like depression, stress and anxiety more openly.

After this introduction you already know ‘One In Four’ is an ambitious record because it aims to touch people not only through the music it features but through this strong personal concept. It’s also an important record because there are numerous examples of artists and their music who have managed to help numerous people in their daily struggles with mental illness. This being said ‘One In Four’ is not a walk in the park, it won’t distract you from your battles by painting a picturesque world to hide in. Instead it will make you meet your demons, accept them and find a way to move on despite everything.

Rob Tunbridge
Rob Tunbridge

Music-wise Rob Tunbridge plays a mixture of country and alternative rock with strong goth rock, wave and kind of post-punk influences. The lyrics are heavy, soaked with emotions and experiences (with an album opener as ‘I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead’ you know you are in for a harsh journey) but the music is loud, straight in the face, the vocals sound determined, bold and proud to be reaching topics that our societies still consider taboos. ‘One In Four’ is perfectly produced, it’s a solid rock from start to end with pieces like ‘Medicine Man’, ‘Razor’s Edge’, ‘Dark Place’ and ‘Burst This Bubble’ being some of our personal highlights for their deep lyrics, memorable melodies, arrangement and vibe. The album is full of meaning and message. We are sure it will touch thousands and thousands of people.

Although “One in Four” is a solo album, it has been enormously supported by fellow musicians from the Drooble community. As Rob says: “The album would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the contributions, recordings and support from Jeff Lewallen (Drums), Drew “Alley Cat” Jones (Bass guitar), Zurab Kostava (Strings and additional synths) and Daddykid (Additional lead & Rhythm guitars & Backing vocals).”

We are more than glad to have artists like Rob Tunbridge doing what they do because they prove something we firmly believe in – music possesses an enormous power and should be used to make the world a better place.

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