Music to feel great to – That’s Just Damien Williams

Everything about the music of Damien Williams screams talent, professionalism, a great ear for melody and lyrics but also the ability to have a good time writing. Hailing from North Wales in the UK, Williams is a multi-instrumentalist and a singer-songwriter with a diverse set of influences that merge so well in his music making it something of its own.

Unlike many other musicians, perfecting his performance on drums, guitars and as a singer didn’t prevent him from hearing and sharing his own musical voice. Writing music from a young age he’s managed to create a style for himself that gets developed and expanded with each new release and thankfully Williams is prolific enough to give us a lot of material to dig into.

We’re now taking a closer look at his August 2019 release ‘It’s Just Me’. Self-described as alternative music it’s a little bit more than that. Each track is a smart mixture of genres starting with the latino-inspired groovy opener ‘Running Round Your Soul’ and followed by the personal folk melancholia of ‘Anxiety Demon’ with its hypnotically laid vocals.

A big part of the album is carrying a strong reggae feel like a good chunk of the golden 1980s UK pop rock music. Tracks like ‘Let It Rain Love’, ‘The Righteous One’ and ‘Listen’ are absolute bangers with their melodies, lyrics and vocals crafted and offered in a very catchy but also Jamaica-style laid back manner.

Another great aspect of ‘It’s Just Me’ is its production. The album sounds flawless, clean and yet with enough character and attention to detail that allows each guitar or bass line to shine bright. The drums are punchy, varying and groovy. The vocals are captured and produced in a very organic manner and they feel as relatable to and personal as they should.

Damien’s music will surely fit the tastes of a huge array of listeners, who might be coming from all corners of the music world. We truly hope to help him to reach the attention his sincere and perfectly crafted musical output we believe deserves.

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