A never-ending journey – Looking Down by Michael Matera

Michael Matera is a Boston-based electronic music artist with over twenty years of history in the world of music. He started his career as a guitarist but quickly discovered his ideas needed more varying sound sources. Currently, a multi-instrument utilizing with equal ease guitar, bass, synths and a lot of programming, Matera has been steadily expanding his catalog of releases with ‘Looking Down’ being the latest one made available digitally.

Spanning over 10 tracks and around 40 minutes the album offers you just enough time to zone out and leave your daily routine or basically the real world for a bit and explore the reality that Matera has been creating with his music. The music on ‘Looking Down’ draws influences for genres like ambient, kraut, space and art rock, with a strong 80s Berlin school probably due to the predominantly electronic sound. In his transition from a guitarist to an electronic producer utilizing a plethora of instruments, Michael hasn’t completely forgotten about his first musical love. Memorable leads and drifting guitar melodies are to be found all over the album. Exactly those are the element that adds a very humane and sincere touch to the overall sci-fi feel of the record.

‘Looking Down’ doesn’t really stay in the same place for too long. From the epic intro piece ‘Launch’ to the trip-hop inspired percussion and guitar-driven melancholy of ‘Angel In Disguise’ to the uplifting vibe of ‘Allowed To Breathe’ it has the whole specter of moods pretty much covered. What we absolutely love about the album is the way it’s arranged, with layers and layers of organic textures hidden between the actual instruments. The production is tight, clear but still warm, allowing you to really touch and experience this unknown cosmic world, shaped by Michael Matera and his sounds. And if ‘Looking Down’ is not enough there are a lot more records he’s put out online and we’ll surely be looking forward to hearing more.

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