Just let inspiration guide you – Interview with Michael Matera
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Just let inspiration guide you – Interview with Michael Matera

You won’t find Michael Matera playing live shows or living that rock’n’roll lifestyle. Instead, it’s more likely to find him in the studio experimenting with his own sound. Heavily influenced by legendary Cure his approach to music is as free as it can get. He writes whenever he feels like writing and his only goal is to express himself and enjoy being creative. Here’s what he shared in this Drooble interview. Hello! Tell the world about yourself. How did you…

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A never-ending journey – Looking Down by Michael Matera

Michael Matera is a Boston-based electronic music artist with over twenty years of history in the world of music. He started his career as a guitarist but quickly discovered his ideas needed more varying sound sources. Currently, a multi-instrument utilizing with equal ease guitar, bass, synths and a lot of programming, Matera has been steadily expanding his catalog of releases with ‘Looking Down’ being the latest one made available digitally. Spanning over 10 tracks and around 40 minutes the album…