Yo, Chad Carman is back with another fix of other-worldly hip-hop mixtape


It was not too long ago when we took a closer look at experimental hip-hop artist Chad Carman’s epic mixtape Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters with Boom Bappin B-Music™. This time he’s sent us over a shorter record that also brings us back to 2016. In ‘Carny Barker’s Mix Tape Circus™’ Chad is taking us in a realm as intensive as expected from him. For those still not familiar with this creative genius Carman calls his work ‘B-Music’ which is exactly why just like with B-Movies you’re attracted to it even though it’s pretty wild and at times harsh to endure… and we mean it in the kindest way possible.

In ‘Carny Barker’s Mix Tape Circus™’ Chad Carman is sampling, chopping, slicing, cutting and pasting a ton of material that once again at some point you’re not exactly sure what’s happening but it’s mesmerizing. You can spot bits and pieces of Insane Clown Posse and Public Enemy somewhere deep in the hip-hop sound design audio rap collage his music is. Honestly, that’s a tough one to describe. Just go for it. It’s streaming in full on YouTube. Make sure you keep it on repeat, succumb to the madness!

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