No escape from the hip-hop planet of Chad Carman

Chad Carman is born and raised in Rochester New York. He’s a hip-hop artist, producer but a visual artist as well. This actually justifies the tamed chaos his music is. Carman himself refers to his mixture, or should we say alternative hip-hop collage as ‘B-Music’ and he claims that just like B-Movies he’s managed to conquer the hearts of a small cult following.

We’re now listening to Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters with Boom Bappin B-Music™. We are talking the entire album version to be precise. This means, no single tracks or skits, just 32 minutes of pure sonic madness. The way Chad Carman crafts his records is almost as if he’s doing a movie. Heavy on samples, special effects, sound design, skits it’s an extremely intense mixture of music, audio collage with an extremely twisted yet cinematic vibe.

Carman is creating something so mesmerizing that 10 minutes deep in the album you start wondering what is actually the music and what is the accompanying audio until you just give up and perceive the whole package just like it should be – as an extreme, challenging but very enjoyable contemporary music.

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