Soul Filter are creating beautiful worlds in ‘A Minor Conspiracy’

Soul Filter is a duo by Karen and Mike Penton who are not just playing music somewhere between indie, alternative and pop rock but are actually skillfully combining all those genres in something of their own. ‘A Minor Conspiracy’ is their brand new LP and it saw the light of day mid-December 2018. It’s always tricky to put out a record in the last weeks of the year as it’s a wild time and people are overwhelmed with stuff to spend their hard earned money on. Still, it reached us and we’ll make sure it reaches you all.

First of all, ‘A Minor Conspiracy’ is a beautifully written and produced record. It spans over 10 tracks that make for around 40 minutes which nowadays we find perfectly enough to grab the listener by the hand and take them on a wonderful journey. And this Soul Filter have definitely managed to do. The pieces are written in a very personal and even intimate manner that could have worked even in more minimalist acoustic singer-songwriter arrangements. However, the duo has decided to go for a full-band sound and thankfully they went that road as the music sounds even more impactful and convincing.

The pieces in ‘A Minor Conspiracy’ are very emotional and dreamy. To this contribute catchy choruses and memorable vocal lines. The lyrics are extensive and very visual. We love the fact that we could give them a read on Bandcamp as many bands skip this and here’s a pro tip. Except if you are a super conceptual mysterious band always make sure you give access to your lyrics. Especially in records like the one Soul Filter have recorded they immensely help the band accomplish the world they’re creating with their music. So, definitely give ‘A Minor Conspiracy’ a listen and help Soul Filter spread the word about it as it’s still fresh. December 2018 was only a month ago, right?

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