Emme Aranda is having fun on 50/50 and you should do that too!


We’ll be short and sweet on this one because… well, because it’s a short and sweet release. Actually, don’t let the track count deceive you because ‘50/50’ might be comprised of only 5 tracks but two of them go beyond the 10-minute mark. Maybe because Austin-based composer and producer Emme Aranda’s coming from a background in ambient and industrial music the pieces are long-form compositions that take significantly longer than your typical pop music to unfold and grow in their final shape.

We’ve already mentioned Emme Aranda’s background in more experimental electronic genres and even if the music on ‘50/50’ feels a bit more accessible than the artists’ previous doings there’s still plenty of avant-garde music-writing that is happening within the release. The record starts with the funk hypnosis of opener ‘Funk Off!’ that sees Aranda carefully and gradually layering melodies and elements over a pretty basic drum loop that actually does the trick – instantly gets you hooked up. The release has this slightly humorous and mysterious vibe and that is kept in following tracks ‘Hola Bandita!’ with its danceable beats and sneaky melodies or the super cheeky chip-tunes of ‘Faustisch!’

By the way, did you spot that each track title features an exclamation mark – yes, you got it right the energy is high on this release and it’s imperative that you play it asap and have as much fun as possible.

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