The three faces of ‘48 Hours’ by Intensia

We’ve recently interviewed Intensia, a Munich-based artist and she caught our attention not only for her dedication to her own music but for the fact she’s also sharing the wisdom, knowledge, and skill she’s gathered in nearly two decades of doing music by being a vocal coach. So definitely give the interview a chance but now let’s focus on ‘48 Hours’, the latest offering from this German artist.

Intensia is working mostly in the field of rock music, which in this case feels equally influenced by pop and metal music. ‘48 Hours’ is a brief but diverse music trip. Among its four tracks you’ll spot offer potential rock radio hits (‘48 Hours’), solid metal tunes (‘What Remains’) and dreamy balladic pieces like ‘Overcome’ and ‘Never Ever’.

If you’ve already opened the album you might notice that we’re talking about 4 pieces while there are 12 in the release. This is due to another signature feature of Intensia’s approach. She offers her music in multiple languages. So if you want to experience ‘48 Hours’ in German or in Italian you definitely can do that. An interesting thing is that the songs have a different character in each different language that they are performed into, which adds replay value that’s for sure!

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