A hip-hop grindhouse – Interview with Chad Carman


If you’ve been following the Drooble review section you’ve surely come across our coverage of the memorable Chad Carman mixtapes. It’s an understatement to describe his approach to hip-hop music as experimental as it gets even more twisted than that. Carman is cooking a huge stew where he throws in movie references, samples, beats, lyrics, humor, and whatnot. It’s actually the same approach he used when answering the questions for this interview. The boundaries between reality, jokes and fiction are thin with this one. That’s why we love him and his work.

Hello! Tell the world about yourself. How did you grow up to become the musician you are today?

Salute Drooble! Where I’m from they call me Chad, it was the name given to me upon my birth, what a glorious day indeed. It was such a grand event my family and friends celebrate it once a year. For years I tinkered and tottered, sharpening my fine craftsmanship in the bodacious arts of entertainment. Hours upon hours of relentless practice which sacrificed a sincere portion of my life to dwindle. For years having contemplated stupendous visions, I sought inspiration through epiphany. I hungered to subsequently invent astonishing feats of sensational extravaganza; a spectacle extraordinaire! Re-purposing multifarious, forgotten cinema into a musical scrapbook of pure nostalgia and low-budget old school campy grindhouse entertainment! A marvelously grunge-worthy collage of sound, with astute poetic and rhythmic integrity.

Introduce your current musical projects and tell us what makes each one special for you!

Just the unusual shenanigans, my latest and greatest project is still currently in the early stages of formulation, much more vinyl and roll-film excavation and experimentation are required, a phonetic energy apparatus, paramount post-production finalized in order to establish an audience-friendly prototype of B-Music magnitude! Although counter-intuitive entire explanation seems counter-intuitive, I digress. Behold! The majestic excursion of mystery! Creative Insanity, Disco Thug, Night Of The Living Deadish, Bad Taste! a very thorough collection of my artistic originality as an eccentric wordsmith virtuoso! Currently, I have completed six full-length albums! The Vault Of Oddities, Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters With Boom Bappin B-Music, Haphazard Hazmats Hip Hop PowerPlant!, Future Storm Champion, Carny Barker’s Mixtape Circus, and last but not least, Uncle Sham. Each with their own unique funkadelic flavor of Alternative Hip-Hoppery.

You have been playing music for a long while! How do you find the drive and inspiration to keep going all this time?

The only limitations an artist faces is the ones he doesn’t convey. The artisan and the architect both share this distinguished quality. A majority of my aspirations originate with one urging significance. Fun! To what avail doth the poet toil? One too many musicians take themselves a little bit too seriously. How do you expect to be taken seriously when you’re so serious all the time? The irony is gaffing bewildering, and outlandishly guffawing, to say the very least.

How is your local music scene in your perspective? Do you feel like you belong there?

The Rochesterian Metropolis of Monroe County is an overcrowded potpourri of well-seasoned talented musicians, although I personally am not a fan of most. Yes, I feel that my work is needed here in this great city. At this time I’ve made it to the lucky 13th spot in the top charts of CCG Network Radio and I’m being considered for the Rochester Music Hall of Fame which will have their next nomination ceremony on April 28th, 2019


What is your all-time favorite record and how did it change you as an artist?

Any record of my choice? Kool Keith’s “Official Space-Tape” is a very curious awe-inspiring disaster piece indeed. It is off-putting in its own right, yet admirably expressive. Having a very “Adultswim” cartoonish vibe yet maintaining a deadpan delivery. So bad that it’s good per se. This record is a lesson well taught, out-of-the-box perspective, it encourages me as an artist to travel down the off beaten path, the final frontier of my production’s potential ingenuity, as well as my colorful lyrical capabilities, artwork, and delivery.

What are your favorite software and hardware tools for music production?

My preferred instruments of choice include a cheap yet efficient microphone, any sort of mixing board, preferably Gemini, turntables, beat machines, software programs such as Mixcraft, Fruity Loops, Ableton, MixPad, Wave Pad, Garage Band, Reaper, eggs over easy with a side of bacon, etc.

What is your songwriting process like?

The wordsmith process begins with a list of imaginative ideas. Perhaps the world needs a song about subterranean scuba diving vampires or the nefarious tale of a gargantuan radioactive hare wreaking havoc upon a thriving town of debris and plumage. A rough renegade biker gang consisting only of elderly outlaws. A vegan zombie apocalypse, mutant snowmen from outer space, or perhaps a cringing caper about volcanic bacon robots on a cruise ship. The possibilities are endless!

Out of all the live shows you played, which one was the most memorable, and why?

The ultimate experience for me happened just last year, I was flown out to New York City to meet and perform with Colombia Records A&R RJ Homola, an,d in the same day I won seventh place in the annual Coast 2 Coast Live Showcase Tournament in Sunnyvale Brooklyn. Being one of thirty pitted against the best rappers nominated within the entire state of New York. It was most memorable for me because my mother was in the front row.

What is your biggest musical goal?

Just to continue generating a satirical saga of quirky cult classics for myself and my fans.

How has being on Drooble helped you as a musician?

I sincerely appreciate this interview as an opportunity to answer any inquiries concerning me as an artist, I believe it to be of great assistance in my underground music career. Also I would like to thank you for including a few of my singles to the elaborate bountiful musical archives of the Drooble internet radio station.

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