Satisfy your electronic needs with Project-TIDE

Project-TIDE is the solo musical outlet for electronic music of Thierry Van Mourik, hailing out of The Netherlands and also experimenting with funk music as Tiny Funk. His electronic activities take us back in 2015 where he self-published an 11-tracker of the same name – Project-TIDE. The music found on it is electronic to the bone. Synthesized sounds, cybernetic drum loops, cold basses and an overall cinematic or even kind of vintage video game atmosphere.

Functioning more as a collection of tracks, maybe portfolio if you want, Project-TIDE is not unified by a certain topic or vibe. The tracks are pretty different from each other, some being darker and moodier (‘Echo’, ‘Oscillator’) while others are a bit more positive and uplifting (‘Jukebox’, ‘Transcend’, ‘Interference’). While the tracks themselves are interesting, varying and definitely fitting our desire for old school electronic music, we’d like to see future Project-TIDE releases with a bit more polished and convincing production. Its cold and epic sonic world will surely benefit from a louder, clearer sound, especially when it comes down to drum production.

There’s a lot of atmosphere and music to be captured and presented from the realms of Project-TIDE and we hope future tracks will come with enhanced sound and even more amazing music to be discovered.

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