One man rock show – Ryan Webb’s Stop The World!

The first thing you’ll notice about Ryan Webb’s solo record ‘Stop The World!’ is that it’s sounding great! And we’re not only talking about the way his uber catchy straight into your face alternative rock tunes are written but their very sound itself. But wait, dig deeper and you’ll find out Webb is a guitarist, singer, songwriter but a sound engineer and producer as well. This combo has resulted in an awesome record that deserves to be on high rotation on all your favorite rock stations. Yes, here’s a good chance to send them over the link with the music.

Spanning over 9 tracks, ‘Stop The World!’ is quite a journey. We already kind of shelved it under alternative rock, but there’s a ton influences to be found on the tunes stretching as far as grunge (‘Insomnia’), post-punk (‘My Religion’) and the absolutely epic indie rock of ‘In a Day or Two’. Despite this huge array of genres that are combined and refined Ryan Webb surely has his own thing going. Starting from his deep and still emotional singing to the organic tempo switches, captivating bass lines to the sometimes sparse sometimes purely wild guitars. So, without any further ado just give ‘Stop The World!’ a shot because honestly, we thought these sincere, yet catchy and beautiful rock albums remained in the 1990s and truth is Ryan Webb is here and kicking a*s almost thirty years later these golden times of alternative rock music.

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