The eclectic but captivating electronic realm of Bloom’s Taxonomy

Bloom’s Taxonomy is a solo electronic project currently based in London, UK. It operates within the thin boundaries of IDM, experimental, ambient, downtempo and probably a ton other sub-genres we’ll skip listing here so we can leave the music to do its job. In general, when approaching Bloom’s Taxonomy these labels have to be perceived quite conditionally as the project definitely has something of its own going on, which makes not only for a rewarding but for a challenging listen as well.

In the EP ‘Urbran’, which we are now discussing here, analog electronic sounds meet up with more digital audio experiments. This creates a very eclectic yet captivating mixture of sounds. No drum kit sounds like the other one, no rhythmic structures are repeating and the samples and instruments used are always shifting and varying between the songs. The formula that Bloom’s Taxonomy follows in ‘Urbran’ is that there is no formula. Each track creates its own realm – be that the very beat-driven self-titled track, the beautifully sequenced ‘Blierb’, which finally climaxes in hypnotic Boards of Canada-ish rhythms, or the brooding but cinematic vibe of close ‘Waygookin #1’. The latter being heavily decorated with obscure sound bits, that make it feel dusty, forgotten but then thankfully rediscovered.

The only element you could find actually being recurring in a few of the tracks, and obviously the Bloom’s Taxonomy live shows, is the use of the guitar. It often gives the music a post-rock and shoegaze feel and makes the overall perception of this mostly synthesized or sampled music a nice organic and humane touch. ‘Urbran’ is a heavily recommended EP and Bloom’s Taxonomy is definitely a promising artist who we are glad to have discovered on Drooble.

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