Country Livin’ by DubJay is a laidback hip-hop journey about living life to its maximum

DubJay is a hip-hop artist hailing from Mount Vernon, Texas and today we’re listening to Country Livin’, his most recent single. Since 2016 DubJay has been extremely prolific, with over 300 singles, collaborations, one EP and one full-length out. With such an immense back catalog of music we knew from the start we’re dealing with an artist who’s found their path. We’re more than glad to have him on Drooble and to be joining him for a ride through his new single.

And a ride it is indeed. From the moody black and white scenery on the artwork, which looks as taken from a Kerouac book, we’re up for a quick fix of a laid-back take on atmospheric US hip-hop.

A country-influenced guitar lick serves as an intro of the piece above which DubJay says with its stress-free vocal delivery ‘Born and raised in States’. This guitar is then looped and becomes the backbone of the track over which is built a punchy but not too obtrusive beat that’s solidly produced.

Lyric-wise the track is an ode of living life in a better and more empathic way while not forgetting to actually enjoy it and not take it for granted. During the verses, DubJay is full-on rapping until the chorus comes when his melodic hooks will shoot you right into open space and will be stuck in your head for a long, long time.

Country Livin’ is a great track for those moments when you just want to enjoy and breathe (the American) life with all your being. It’s a piece that will take you places right after you hit that play button, especially if you leave it on repeat for a while.


  1. Steven

    Amazing. Dubjay is a good friend of mine and I’m so happy he’s getting some recognition finally.

  2. Hope to see your live show in Singapore once this goddamn Covid19 is over.

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