When filmmakers make music – Puta’s Brew by KS

Coming straight from Los Angeles, California KS is a solo project by Jose Zambrano Cassella. Not only a composer and multi-instrumentalist playing the drums, keys, bass, and guitar, Cassella is a filmmaker as well. Every time we are exposed to an artist inhabiting more than one creative field we’re excited to see where this will lead them.

We have to point out that ‘Puta’s Brew’ is a huge record. We haven’t listened to something of that size and length in a long, long time, especially within the genres Jose is exploring as KS. The record spans over 25 tracks which makes for over 60 minutes of music that is a warm fusion of electronic funk, dance, ambient, and whatnot. While tracks like ‘Echo’, ‘Minor Euphoria’ and ‘Journey’ stick more to the electronic and dance spectre of KS’ sound, pieces like ‘Gnome’, ‘Wave’, ‘Bubbling Under’ and ‘Dark’ showcase a bit more introvert yet still very accessible and listenable side of his writing.

Along the electronic instruments and samples, it’s always great to hear the guitar of Jose, which adds another layer of liveliness and personality to the record. ‘Puta’s Brew’ is definitely a recommended listen and with a record of this size we assure you there’ll be a track to soundtrack each and every hour of your day.

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  1. carl whitmore

    this sounds amazeing

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