Welcome to the world of Violet Raymoor – a place like no other

Hailing from one of our favorite cities in the world – Kiev, Ukraine, Violet Raymoor is a duo merging atmospheric electronic music with all your favorite rock subgenres. Formed by Gerrard Flynne and LunarMushroom it’s a project with over 5 years of history and yet it was recently completely transformed in what we today know as Violet Raymoor.

Influenced by the likes of Depeche Mode, Lake Of Tears, Anathema, even Front Line Assembly and Dead Can Dance, Violet Raymoor are not only on the mission to create music blending all their electronic and rock influences. They are on the quest to create a whole new sonic world, which as you can guess by the artwork and the visuals accompanying their EP ‘Chapter Two: Faces Under Masks’ is a pretty warmly colored and welcoming one, even if still pretty obscure.

Violet Raymoor sometimes sounds dreamy and atmospheric, mainly due to its gentle and warm electronic layers. However, thanks to smart and considered dialogue between its wave and synth-pop roots and the alternative or indie rock elements it ends up as a varying fusion of styles, which is far from being aggressive but still retains its edge and often reaches beautiful cinematic peaks.

‘Chapter Two: Faces Under Masks’ is a record spanning over 39 minutes and while it might be a bit longer than your regular EP we dare you to listen to it in one sitting because that’s how the violet world of Raymor shines the most.

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  1. fantastic music ! thanks guys for giving this to the world !

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