ThE DroogS are here to steal the prom queen with their album Comforts


Yes, pop-punk is formulaic. It’s also way past its prime. Could The Droogs care any less? Nooo… and why should they? Comforts, their third full-length, sounds so gloriously lively, so full of youth energy with a carefree and joyful attitude.

The trio are very competent musicians too, not in a virtuoso way, but in knowing exactly what and how to play. Of note is that everyone in the band sings, and does so expertly, resulting in lots and lots of clever vocal harmonies.

These guys are the kind of band you want to show up at your prom drunk off their asses and combust into the party of a lifetime. We are set-in-concrete sure they are more than capable of pulling off this challenge… and stealing the prom queen under the head jock’s nose.

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