Pentimento by Kimball is a long acoustic odyssey


At 17 songs worth of original music, Pentimento is a long record by any stretch. It takes a true creative outpour, an irresistible need to make music to release such extensive art in the era of singles. If you enjoy delicate strumming, sparse drum work, and rich vocal harmonies, you are going to love that there’s so much of this stuff to experience.

Kimball‘s songs are mostly acoustic-driven, but the traditional instruments aren’t as prominent in the mixture as the vocal work, which is simply immense. Layers upon layers of masterfully sung harmonies form what can be considered an instrument of its own, carrying the songs into a desirable and airy feeling of oblivion. Pentimento is a record you sink deeply within, almost as if into a trance-like state.

By the time the last piece, Telling Yourself ‘No’ is over, you feel like you have experienced an actual musical journey. This is deep music for true lovers of the art. Or maybe just lovers.

This crafty piece of art’s brilliance is a fact. But its length might put off some. Treat Pentimento like a double album and you will get across this minor sticking point. Kimball makes it well worth the effort!

Horns up: Incredible production with dense, rich vocal harmonies that carry you into another dimension.

Horns down: The sheer length of Pentimento makes it a record for the connoisseurs.

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