Nicola Porcu is bravely diving into the realm of electro pop with Alba Viola


Electro pop is alive and well in Italian producer Nicola Porcu’s album, gently titled Alba Viola. A very pleasant and nostalgic listen, the record doesn’t suffer from any tedium or overwhelmingly cliche phrases. The 10 songs which comprise Alba Viola are varied and interesting, featuring multiple layers of synthesisers and plenty of textures to support the man’s inspired vocal performance.

Despite the very obvious influences, there’s nothing at all dated or cheesy-sounding about Alba Viola. If there’s any criticism to behold, it may be the overly romantic mood which prevents the record from venturing into some potentially interesting darker sonic territory.

Still, if you long for the golden times of Tears For Fears, Modern Talking, and Depeche Mode, you are going to get tons of pleasure listening to Nicola’s music.

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