Lift your spirits with the 9th Dimensional Holy Guru

Okay, we have to admit 9th Dimensional Holy Guru might be the most epic artist name we’ve come across on Drooble so far. As you can guess it’s a creative entity heavily influenced by spiritual subjects and experiences. We are not here to judge who gets inspired by what, especially when it’s not harmful to others by any means.

As stated on his profile page, 9th Dimensional Holy Guru is here to create music that will help him grow spiritually and enlighten fellow travelers. I guess it will take some time to see if this actually happens but one thing is certain, 9th Dimensional Holy Guru is extremely prolific. Did we mention the genre he picked is hip-hop? Ok, now we did.

With over 500 tracks under his belt, we’re now taking a closer listen to the most recent Lonely Mystic, an EP of quite an appropriate title for times of global lock down. The release consists of five tracks that are full to their very top with lyrics, messages, and contemplation over social, global and spiritual topics. Music-wise the Lonely Mystic reminds us of 2000s US hip-hop music sometimes slightly leaning towards European heroes like Loop Troop or affiliated solo projects.

The instrumentals are hard-hitting but uplifting, full of beautiful piano melodies, tight breaks and punchy beats. The work of 9th Dimensional Holy Guru feels like a long-running journal, his vocals are usually done in single takes and often recorded on the go. This is all a part of his concept – to eternalize his day to day life, thoughts and experiences in music. Judging by his online fan base and the praise his music gets it seems this approach has worked for many people who are following his journey in life through music.

There’s a ton of great stuff in the Lonely Mystic. There’s a strong personal touch, a message and some great ideas. So, if you are on the looks for emotional, raw and unpolished spiritual hip-hop then the 9th Dimensional Holy Guru is your guy.

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