From the big lights of country music to the depths of goth metal – Remembrance by Carpe Noctum

Chris Goble is a multi-genre Queer performance artist from the SF Bay Area. Their musical journey started from their aspirations to conquer the country music scene as a singer-songwriter in Nashville, the music city of the world.

However, as their understanding of themself as a person evolved and their actual creative needs changed, they started pursuing something different and mastering their craft as a bassist, guitarist, and vocalist. Right now we catch Chris exploring the dark and shadowy realms of music under the alias Gobl, and their new gothic metal project Carpe Noctum.

Remembrance is the first single released by Carpe Noctum, dating back to October 2019 and it’s a piece of dark art you might have missed just as we did. Everything on the track is the result of Gobl’s solo work – they wrote and arranged the piece, performed all instruments, then produced and mixed it.

On artwork duties, we find Manfish Inc. and mastering was done at Imperial Mastering. The results? Like any other good debut, Remembrance is full of great ideas, primal sound and somewhat of untamed energy. The track builds up from an almost post-punk / goth rock influenced beginning to a harsher and louder second part. Gobl’s vocals vary from monotonous chants to cold whispers to harsh vocals, the latter somehow reminiscent of early Swans.

Actually, the whole atmosphere of the track brings us back somewhere between the late 1980s and early 1990s. The music feels distant, unwelcoming and dark, and we mean it as a compliment. Of course, the drums could have been mixed better, of course, the vocals could have been worked on a bit more but overall we believe the ideas on this track matter more and we are hoping those will be expanded on in future releases and production will be improved for the music to really shine.

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