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Cat Clyde Musician

Today we talk to Cat Clyde, an up and coming young artist from Ontario, Canada. After listening to Cat’s new album Ivory Castanets, we were stoked to learn some more about her…Enjoy!

“…play your stuff for a few knowledgeable people (not your friends) some people who can give you honest constructive criticism. Don’t be defensive or insulted, take what they say and turn it into something that makes you better…”

Please tell us about ‘Cat Clyde’, we’re excited about your music and would like to know more!

I started playing as Cat Clyde when I was in high school.  I played school coffee houses and local bars and did a lot of busking.  Throughout college I would come back to Stratford during the summer to busk as well.

How does music affect your life?

Music is in my life every single day.  Without it, there would be no point of doing anything.  It’s like the juice inside the fruit, nothing is good without it.  Listening to good music while driving is something I really love to do.  I have a cassette tape in my car and enjoy listening to that often.  I also love vinyl.  Every activity is made more full and complete with a song behind it; unless I am in the wilderness, I like to hear the sounds of nature and nothing else when I am there.

If you could inspire someone to do something with your music what would that thing be?
There are so many different ways to be inspired. I feel the most important frequent inspirations are to be reminded that the time we have to live is short.  People need to take themselves less seriously and hold on to what is really important like relationships, self improvements, taking action on goals you have set,  and becoming the best version of yourself possible.  If I could inspire anyone to be awakened by any of those things, that would make me happy.


You used to play mostly covers when you started so please name a few of your favourite ones and what they mean to you.


I used to play a lot of Neutral Milk Hotel covers, as well as a lot of Tegan and Sara. I was really into those bands when I was in high school.  I still listen to them, but don’t usually play there songs anymore.


Listen to Cat Clyde’s ‘Mama Said’

What makes a good jam session according to you? Any tips for beginning bands?


I feel as though the most important aspect of a good jam are the people in the jam.  If you have a group of players that are knowledgeable, but open and unafraid to contribute, it will be good.  Everyone in the jam needs to feel as though they are not being judged, but also open to constructive criticism.  That way I feel like a real flow of energy can happen and it can take you places and make you feel things you never imagined you could. Tips for beginning bands?  I would say, play your stuff for a few knowledgeable people (not your friends) some people who can give you honest constructive criticism. Don’t be defensive or insulted, take what they say and turn it into something that makes you better.


What are your thoughts on the current state of the music industry?

It is complete garbage.  The big label names that are constantly repeating themselves with useless lyrics, melodies, and music is really getting old.  These ‘artificial flowers’ are choking out opportunities for real flowers to grow.  It is hard to find good new music easily.  You have to dig quite deep in the garden of the industry.

What do you think of Drooble? 

Drooble seems like a great way for artists to connect all over the world.  The best way to grow as a musician is to play with people that are better than you, if you don’t have access to that around where you live Drooble would be a great way to jam with other talented people.
What would you share with a person who’s just starting out his/her career in music? 
The hard work that goes into being a full time musician is nothing like waking up and going to a job.  You are constantly evolving as a human, and as a musician.  You must be improving constantly.


Cat Clyde from Stratford, Ontario. Follow her on


  1. Walter Penn

    “…music is really getting old…” My thoughts exactly! Well said, Cat Clyde, mainstream music is a joke…

  2. Jim

    Thanks for shouting out about this girl, she seems legit! Keep following your path, Cat, good luck to you!

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