The Top 20 Best Jazz Pianists of All Time [Infographic]
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The Top 20 Best Jazz Pianists of All Time [Infographic]

Jazz has been a beloved musical genre for decades. Throughout its evolution, there have been Jazz artists that stand out such as Thelonius Monk, Count Basie, and Nat “King” Cole, but there are many artists that you may not be familiar with who are just as great. While the saxophone and trumpet may come to mind when you think of Jazz, the piano has actually been a staple of the genre. Artists such as Duke Ellington have made it the…


Cat Clyde Talks about Music, Jamming and Life

Cat Clyde Musician

Today we talk to Cat Clyde, an up and coming young artist from Ontario, Canada. After listening to Cat’s new album Ivory Castanets, we were stoked to learn some more about her…Enjoy! “…play your stuff for a few knowledgeable people (not your friends) some people who can give you honest constructive criticism. Don’t be defensive or insulted, take what they say and turn it into something that makes you better…” Please tell us about ‘Cat Clyde’, we’re excited about your music and would…