8 easy steps to take your music career to the next level

Nowadays, being a successful musician requires much more skills than one can imagine. As much as you need talent, you can’t get anywhere without having discipline, patience and a large set of other skills. To survive the blooming, or should we say oversaturated, music world every musician needs to build the right set of capabilities, competencies and form a mindset of relentless dedication. However, there are certain tricks that can make the process far more entertaining and fun while still helping you out become the artist you want to be. Get inspired and go for it!

1. The best is not enough – innovate and experiment

Currently, we are overwhelmed with great music and a variety of tools and tutorials that can help you quickly become a master of your craft. To make great music and turn it into an outstanding product is no longer enough. You have to experiment and keep reinventing yourself in every new track or record you make. Next time you put a track up or finish a gig ask yourself what more can do to make it even more excited and challenging. Feeling like you’ve reached your limits already? Go for the next step.

2. Keep learning

Music can get as boring as a regular day job if you become a slave to routine. You’ve learned all secrets of your DAW and you’ve mastered all the trendy VST synths? Why not try learning another instrument? Start small, teach yourself a bit of guitar, a bit of piano, maybe even bass. Borrow instruments from your friends, see what suits you the best. Adding a live instrument to your live set or production will separate you from the others. If you have never touched computer-making software why not refresh your acoustic sound by adding a touch of electronics?


3. Be a part of a community or create your own

A wise person once said that artists should build not careers but communities. Isolation can be indeed inspirational and romantic but right now people, be that fans or artists, want to see the real you. They want to interact or even work together. Living in a god-forgotten place with no local scene whatsoever is also no longer an excuse? With over 51% of the world’s population using the Internet, mainstream social media like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter are already filled to the top with music. Music-focused platforms are also on the rise with Soundcloud, Drooble or Bandcamp giving you access to a worldwide network of musicians and fans.

4. Ask for feedback

Now switch your ego off and ask what the others think about your music. Yes, music is personal and will always be, but if you want to become a part of the industry you have to be prepared to take both praise and criticism with the same enthusiasm. Constructive feedback is what takes a musician to the next level! For example, one of the services offered on Drooble is objective feedback from other artists. Apart from getting useful improvement recommendations, you would also get motivational words which would inspire you to create more.

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5. Start collaborating

Expand your musical activities by collaborating with different artists from various genres. Collaborating has at least two important effects. It allows you to leave your comfort zone and reveal an unexpected side of you. It also allows artists to unite their audiences. People who like your contribution to a collaborative piece might be more inclined to check out your solo work. The Internet is your best friend on the hunt for collaborators with platforms like Splice, Kompoz or Bandlab.


6. Play live as much as possible

Right now, playing gigs definitely pays more than streams and downloads. Not to mention it is the best way to test the impact of your music on people. Have no clue how to book a tour? Open Songkick or Bandsintown. Search for your favorite underground acts, shortlist the venues and promoters they are working with and message them.

7. Find a mentor, go to a workshop or a masterclass

Being a self-taught artist is great. This is how you find your own way in music. However, there’s always so much to learn and often it’s a piece of cake to get there if you pick the right person to share their experience with you. We’re not talking only about private lessons, we’re talking attending workshops and masterclasses where you can network with the top minds in the industry. Music has always been a social process and this leads us to the next step. Don’t know where to start from? Check out services like MusicMentorsOnline.com they have a ton to offer to both newcomers and established artists.

8. Invest in merch and artwork

Even if your music is great you’ll need a good artwork to sell it easier. Find a visual artist that fits your taste and go for it. You might want to look for an upcoming painter or photographer. You expose his work through your music, he makes sure your record visually stands out. Everybody likes a free sticker with the vinyl or CD they purchased. A T-shirt is always a preferred souvenir from a great gig. Yes, we know you’re a musician and not a clothing brand but why ignore a great source of income and a great tool to spread your name around with.


Each of these steps will help you become a more successful musician if you dedicate your time and energy to fulfill them. If you have to pick one of them to start with – we recommend you to focus on making more genuine songs with higher sound quality, as listeners will always enjoy such music. And remember – taking your career to the next level is in your hands, so be bold and go for it.

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