7 Songwriting Tips to Overcome Writer’s Block

This post is written by Kristal Bean: Kristal Bean is a Southern California-based writer and sometimes guitarist. In her free time, she homeschools, works out and listens to live music. Check her blog greenlightbooking.com

Turning ordinary words into song lyrics is a great talent. But sometimes even the most talented songwriters are unable to write. Writer’s block is the worst nightmare of any creative writer, and it can get you really frustrated. Here are some tips that can help you escape the shackles that limit your creativity

1. Create a story behind the song
Sometimes song lyrics just come naturally, but other times you need to force them. Creating a story behind your song can help you understand the overall mood and vibe of the song. And people will also relate to your song more if you have an authentic story in it.

2. Unplug and get some fresh air
Sometimes the best option is just to let go and take a walk. Sometimes it is difficult to force creativity so changing your surroundings and getting away from the task can really get you back in a creative headspace.

3. Search for inspiration in your surroundings
Inspiration can come from the most unconventional sources. So look around your surroundings. If you can, then change them to meet the mood of your song. You can also find inspiration by reading books, poetry, and blogs like greenlightbooking.com.


4. Dig into your emotions
To write a song, you need to understand the emotions behind it. Try to bring up emotions that correspond to the mood of the song you are writing. If the song is happy, then think of happy memories. If you are writing a love song think about the people you have loved. Or if you are trying to write a sad or a breakup song, bring up the related emotions to really get into the mood of the song. Writing songs using your own emotions and memories is a great way to make your songs more relatable for the listeners.

5. Listen to some music
Another way to get into the songwriting headspace is by listening to relative music. Listening to music will get you in a musical mood, and it can also help you get some inspiration.

6. Play an instrument
If you are having trouble writing then try to think of the melody and tone of the song first and play in on a guitar or any other instrument. Once you have figured out the melody of the song, then the rest will start getting easier.


7. Start with the chorus
When it becomes challenging to write the whole song, write the chorus and the title first. If you have the chorus and the melody of the song already figured out the rest becomes more natural. Many songwriters use this technique, and some even start their songs with the chorus instead of easing into them. In this way, they can instantly capture the attention of the listener. The beetles have used this technique in songs like “love me do” and “she loves you.”

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