The Instrumentalists worship Jesus with Mercy, Love, and Grace

The Instrumentalists is a spiritual rock band from San Pablo City, Laguna (Philippines) whose purpose of existence is to play humbly in Jesus’ name. The quartet uses music as the means to deliver a positive message about having faith in the good lord, being kind to each other, and respecting Christian values. Take a listen at their’s album Mercy, Love, and Grace.

In line with the album’s title, the band’s music is extremely gentle. Unobtrusive pianos, discrete guitars, simple rhythms and unrefined, vulnerable singing fill the band’s sonic palette. The songs’ simplicity doesn’t stand in the way of the musicians demonstrating competence with their instruments. They do, however, have a very mild concept for rock music, which makes Mercy Love Grace a particularly soothing, pious listening.


While devout Christians will certainly appreciate the band’s graceful style and find peace within their songs, many may be put off by the music’s sheer benignity. While many people on this planet are devout Christians or actively practice Christian beliefs, religious music is still a fairly niche genre. Yet, The Instrumentalists do nothing to break its mold and appeal to a wider audience.

Thus, we can’t really recommend the album for anyone else but the most devout followers of Christ. That’s how the band chose to be, and we respect their right to do that. Better give the record a listen and form your own opinion about it!

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