Cactus Erectus Goes Certified Insane on Lollicorpse

Over his career spanning four releases, Cactus Erectus has never failed to descend into further depths of madness when there was seemingly nowhere lower to proceed. Lollicorpse, the breakcore producer’s latest release, is his official certificate of clinical insanity. Those 15 cuts are wholly unforgettable with their haywire sampling and comical disregard for common musical form and structure. At this point, Cactus has refined his rowdy craft to a level where we’re pretty sure we can hand him a shovel and the man will come up with a complete breakcore EP in 20 minutes tops.

Now, breakcore is supposed to be called like that because it incorporates chopped and manipulated drum breaks. But in Cactus’ case, we think breakcore stands for breaking. Nothing is spared from the wrath of his unhinged, chaotic, darkly humored electronica – neither men, nor women, or children, cats, and dogs. Lollicorpse is murderous. Those who dare play it on a club sound system will eventually realize they created a sonic weapon capable of mass destruction. It’s a glorious feeling when a piece of music is able to move around and concentrate so much energy that it blows up like an atomic bomb on the first listen. And Lollicorpse, bless Cactus’ wicked production sense, is full of such moments.


With 15 compositions of noisy mayhem, it’s hard to pick a favorite, though we’re sure seasoned -core fans’ ears will not be as easily impressed as ours are here on Drooble. All in all, Lollicorpse is an absolute brutalizer, an audio bulldozer meant to tear down the notion of what’s considered good taste in music. Cactus is doing his thing and he does with equal parts musical joy and sadism. We commend the man for staying fly and finding his place inside a hyper-saturated screen. We’re pretty sure teenagers will fall in love with The Cactus and his wayward, freeform musical thinking. Older guys and girls better have a spare set of ears and a very open mind in order to get the most from this producer’s unique musical personality.

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