The Icon of the Ghanaian Arts and Entertainment Scene

David Oscar is something of an icon in the Ghanaian Arts and Entertainment scene. Although his biggest accomplishment is leading the GHComedy movement that revitalized the Ghanaian stand-up comedy scene, his musical expression as a reggae artist is no less prolific. In just three years, David got to collaborate with the likes of local music superstar Afriyie Wutah and 2014 BAFTA Awards winner for spoken word performance LyricL Da Nkechi.

It also doesn’t hurt that David is quite the character himself, probably unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. We are highly intrigued by this man and the far-away destination that shaped and molded him into who he is today. We got the opportunity to ask him some questions, and got away with answers as funny as they are thorough. Check out David’s music yourself and enjoy this read!

Greetings, David! Introduce yourself to the world in as many words as you like.

Confident, Assertive, Creative, Adaptable, Funny, Blessed 🙂

How did music enter your life and why does it keep staying?

I was lucky to have been raised in a family that is very musically inclined. There were loads of records from local Ghanaian Music stars all around my household and, although at a young age, I didn’t realize how much musical influence that I was exposed to, somehow, it all came together when I enrolled in the School of Performing Arts in the University of Ghana. There, I had both practical and theoretical studies in Theatre Arts, Dance Studies and Music.So, as one can clearly see, I was destined to sing but I didn’t even know it. The reason I ended up playing several artistic roles for over 10 years within Ghanaian entertainment before finally discovering my musical self after Music keeps staying because I spend my time practicing my guitar and songwriting skills as I keep learning from my life’s experience and writing to reflect same.


How is music spiritual to you and what inspiration does it give?

I can say that it is spiritual to me in the sense that, my orientation, Pan- African spirit, and leanings towards black consciousness has been a driving factor in my molding as a reggae artist. That leaning has strengthened my mind in a deep way that can only be ascribed to my sense of calling and devotion to serving the interests of my fellow man in my environment and the global community at large. Music inspires me to be absolutely and completely ME.

What was your most musically inspiring life experience?

That has to be when the musical project that I had nurtured as an idea for 2 and a half years, REGGAE SPOT, came to fruition last year. It was a dream come true and hopefully, I get to build on that. Tell us about the music scene in Ghana. We know virtually nothing about it, so feel free to talk at length! Well, Ghana’s music scene is very vibrant with a host of talented artists, both males and females. It’s quite an uphill climb for indie artists, negotiating the various industry curves. Our industry has also played host to numerous international artist from JAY Z, BEYONCE, WYCLEF JEAN, HUGH MASAKELLA, CHRIS BROWN, to mention a few. These notwithstanding, our musical structures to ensure musician’s rights are still underdeveloped compared to matured markets like Europe and North America and to a large extent Asia.


Tell us all about your involvement with the Musicians Union of Ghana and the Eastern GH Reggae Foundation. What are you fighting for together?

I’m part of the Musicians Union of Ghana by default, as I’m Ghanaian by birth. The Eastern GH Reggae Foundation meanwhile is a fraternity of Reggae Artists, Reggae Lovers, Reggae Selectors (DJ’s) and the likes, functioning under the auspices of the Eastern Regional office of the Musicians Union of Ghana. Ultimately, we are working towards creating a more vibrant reggae scene in the Eastern Region of Ghana

According to you, what are artists supposed to do in order to reach the widest possible social media circle?

From my experience, my knowledge of the use of social media has enhanced my brand as a music artist. I’ve been able and continue to reach out to audiences from around the world simply by the knowledge and use of social media. To this point, my message to my fellow indie artists as well as upcoming ones, learn how to use and navigate as many social media platforms as possible. It’s part of the news making echo system now, your work might just be noticed there too.

Out of all the live shows you played, which one was the most memorable, and why?

REGGAE SPOT has to be that show. That’s because I self-produced it.

What is your biggest musical goal?

To win GRAMMY one day.

How has being on Drooble helped you as a musician?

I simply love drooble, particularly its electronic press kit feature. It just puts every project of mine in one place for me and I simply love that.

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