Cactus Erectus is out to kill your soundsystem and influence you with his dashing breakcore music


The master producer of genre-bending, high-tempo, dark-humored electronic beats has a new album on the table – Lollicorpse. And as always, he means business. Offending people through his off-form, off-color music is his art and calling. We are lucky to have him be part of Drooble and somehow make him behave. His relentless musical terror is eye and ear-opening in ways you probably can’t imagine. We had to ask the man some questions in order to discern the man from beast and give him a proper introduction to the masses. Let it on, Mr. Erectus!

Tell us – who is Cactus Erectus and how did he came to be? The people must know!

Cactus Erectus is a project in which I mashup songs the way I would love to hear them. It’s also a platform for me to integrate the aggression i feel as a result of frustration from the outside world in a way. Like when I hear a cheezy old school tune in a taxi, and immediately I imagine it with breakcore and metal drums and I do it when I get home. Basically, it’s just me having fun with the music I like, trying to stack incompatible sounds, in a counterpoint aesthetics and nihilistic sense of humor, which brings me peace and understanding, from myself to myself.

There’s clearly an unique and dark sense of humor behind your music and persona. Would you like to reflect on that?

It’s humor, sarcasm, and nihilistic optimism may be. I’ve made it with the idea to make you feel intense emotions that flip into its counterpoint the next second. Like life itself. That unpredictable cord which blends together mind fucking situations and stuff, I try to recreate it with music. If you know the Eric Andre show, you know what I’m talking about.

How do you find inspiration for your genre-bending tracks?

I am happy to live in a time with such geniuses like Igorrr, Aphex Twin, Ruby my dear, Mr. Bungle, John Zorn, Ephel Duath, The Dillinger escape plan, Tigran Hamasyan and many more mind-fucking artists, which destroy the barriers between genres. They build bridges for the difference of each element and make alchemic cosmic tunes from the future, to help us evolve even as a perceiving consciousness. If I have to answer really short – from the geniuses I see in the world and the music inside that I want to hear outside.


Direct question – why breakcore, man? Why not classical? Or polka?

In breakcore everything is permitted. Gabba kicks, jungle snare brakes, radio frequencies, white noise, retro samples, any sample really. But i would call my thing breakcorpse.

Who is the artist you would most love to collaborate with on a total sound system buster?

Bones, xxxtentacion , Strugare, Igorrr, Mike Patton.

What’s your answer to people who dislike your music?

I feel ya.

What’s the biggest thing that’s holding you back when it comes to creativity?

Time and surroundings, but I said to myself that 2018 I am no longer gonna sacrifice my interests in music and time terms. 2017 I launched an independent label for the music I dig in my community, so one more obstacle is out of the way. Also lack of discipline I guess.

What’s the oddest place or occasion where you heard your music playing?

I was in a friends house and he played my shit to his grandma, which was like 70+ years old, and she was like “WHAT THE FUCK” and start banging hard ;d loved it.

What are your favorite software and hardware tools for music production?

Well, I’m most comfortable with Ableton, and I use axiom 49 midi keyboard, which is pretty slick when you map it. Also, use fl studio and virtual DJ for specific glitches.


Introduce your current musical projects and tell us what makes each one special for you!

Quite Polite Corpse is my main project, where we play live breakcore with julydrummer, who is an amazing drummer with 15+ years experience in the funk, hip-hop, punk, metal, jungle and drum and bass. Soon our first full LP will be done and released on bluff.corps. I love it, cause I can scream with distortion and delay and make the set as you feel it at the certain moment. Or play snare drum if I feel like it. We have the freedom to express as we feel, which is priceless. It’s really like therapy to us when we perform or just chill and have a sesh session.You can have a taste of it here:

Cactus Erectus – this is where I just have fun with the music I like, like whatever song I like, I can add some stuff to it, and experiment with emotions and genres, so it can bring me to a point where I want to headbang and cry at the same moment. Love that bipolarity.
Here’s the Lollicorpse:

Blag blatnik is an experimental grindcore project, where I release the inner pig. But the cool thing there is the counterpoint between the harsh noise/ music, and the optimistic lyrics, like ” the sun shines in your eyes, the sky is splendid. And we are friends with the guys in the band for a long time now, and we have pretty similar humor and taste, so it’s always fun.Here you can check it out:

Agape is a trio where I play the percussion (cajon, bongos, and chimes). It’s like a bossa-nova lyrical ritual, and for our concerts, we invite the people with emails, so we are sure there are only good and lovely people, and magic really happens! When we play everyone improvises whatever he feels in the moment, and still stick to the structure of the songs, and it’s really like a soul session. We really believe it’s more a ritual than a performance, and that’s why everything is for a reason. There is no entrance, but anyone is free to donate if he feels like it. Agape means like Boundless Love, so that’s our place for inner warmth.

Dolores Candle – It’s my acoustic electronic whatever the fuck I want a project, where I can play the guitar and just scream, or record an old lady singing in the subway, and add rain and planet sounds to it. Maybe it can be checked as the female energy shit project, where there are more inside retrospection and emotional reaction to the sound picture, rather than some genre or music. It’s a self-therapy in the most egoistic manner.
We’re releasing the album Smooth Funeral in a month or two on bluff.corps too, so here it is:

SJDC which is improvisational grindcore jazz noise project. We have had like 7 rehearsals, 4 concerts, and 2 albums ;d it’s really amazing how fast we canalize the stuff, with these guys, they are amazing, each and every one of them. Shout out to Boyan Avramov, for introducing me to this adventure. We are releasing our second album this year, so here’s the first one ;d

What is your biggest musical goal?

To be able to sustain myself in every way only with the activities that bring me joy and share it with the people it resonates with.
Also to bring all the music from within, to the world. Experiment. To live in music whatever I do, whether it’s walking down the street or typing on the keyboard of the computer.

How has being on Drooble helped you as a musician?

It helped me really connect with amazing people and exchange music, and discover underground treasures. And I know this is only the beginning so I can’t wait what will the next few months bring! We live in an interesting time.

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