Music about artificial intelligence – Aniagiasi by Bryan Nord

‘Aniagiasi’ by Philadelphia-based electronic musician and composer Bryan Nord is a huge endeavor. The album took two and half years to be written, produced and released and we’re more than excited to take a closer look at the result. The record spans over 13 tracks that gravitate towards the warm electronic ambient sound. ‘Aniagiasi’ follows a concept that’s not foreign for electronic music. As pointed out in its liner notes, the record explores the history, advancements, and possibilities of artificial intelligence and its eventual impact on humankind.

However, such huge topics might result in music that sounds too alien, too distant and too artistic. This is definitely not the case with the work of Bryan Nord. Maybe due to the warm old school synthetic sound he’s gone for he’s managed to present a more personal and humane take on the subject. The pieces ‘Aniagiasi’ don’t go for the extremes, they are not too long, nor too atmospheric, nor too noisy. They showcase a balanced approach to electronic song-writing where each instrument, each pad or each drum sample is on its place without any of the elements dominating. This smart utilization of electronic instruments allows the musical ideas to truly shine without being transformed into something unknown and challenging.

With his debut electronic full-length Bryan Nord has managed to create a sincere and captivating world that feels well structured, well thought and welcoming for the listener. No matter how deep and scary the whole concept of artificial intelligence might sound to some people.

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