Sage Courageous offer an artistic take on hard rock in ‘The War Within’

Everybody loves good rock’n’roll music and a new band is always welcome as one can hardly get enough catchy tunes. Las Vegas’ Sage Courageous have been together for just around two years and here we are reviewing their latest EP ‘The War Within’. We should start with the due praise to the painting used as an artwork of the release which is simply fantastic and sets the mood for what you’re about to hear music-wise.

Just as visually hinted, Sage Courageous are playing a dreamy yet sufficiently wild mixture of hard rock and alternative which at times, especially in terms of vocals, gets slightly theatrical. We mean this in the best possible way. Sage Courageous are not your typical pub rock band. They offer a way more creative take on the genre and even though we’re pretty certain they are a good listen in any live venue their music is more contemplative and challenging. Absolute favorites from the whole seven tracks found on this EP is the closing piece ‘War Within’ which is an absolute rock anthem made for singing along with your whole heart. Another banging track we got on repeat was angrier ‘Out of Touch’ especially its second half which is neatly soaked with King Diamond-type of heavy rock drama.

Production-wise the EP was handled without any pretentiousness and the sound is kept rather humble. Maybe tracks of such quality would have benefited from a bit bolder and more grandiose sound but maybe this is an aspect that the band can consider for bigger future projects.

‘The War Within’ makes for a great listen that we guess can only be overcame by experience it live. So, in case you live the Las Vegas keep your eyes peeled for this band. They seem like the bunch that’s worth supporting and showing some love to.

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