Crisálida by Jordi Lozone


Song: Crisálida by Jordi Lozone; Genre: Alternative Rock; Duration: 2:44


We really like the space station frequencies intro. When the song kicks in, you can feel the atmosphere immediately! The rhythm section is tight and groovy, the synths are somehow psychedelic and post-shoegaze. We also admire the vocals, they have depth and add something special to the instrumental!

There’s a summer feel to the track, which would make it perfect for the soundtrack of a short movie. A video with the right feel – vintage, with a bit of summer melancholy, yet somehow fun, would really add an layer to the feeling of the song and make it even more complete.

Maybe we would experiment with bringing down the vocals in the mix so they can fit better inside the emotional picture which the song describes – now they are pretty stressed upon. Other than that, the song rocks, no doubt!

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